Conflict has been a critical issue our society is facing today with a lot of innocent victims suffering from it. The question is simple: how do we take part in the society to help lessen the number of victims and to help us avoid of becoming victims ourselves? The answer is; EMERGENSOR.

About Emergensor

EMERGENSOR is web service that is currently being developed by selected IT experts and software developers in Japan which mainly aims to provide security information for people living in conflict-affected areas through a mobile application. This application has 4 main features. 
(1) To share security information with your family or team members, 
(2) To automatically provide immediate security information, 
(3) To visualize security map, and 
(4) To be used and operated easily and intuitively. 

This is a collaboration of selected members from the Social ICT Global Creative Leaders Development Program, in partnership with respective professors from the University of Tokyo, Japan. 

Coming soon!

Secure your dear ones

In the advent of conflict, one thing that would appear in our minds – our loved ones. One of the features of Emergensor is to allow us to monitor the location of our dear ones (family/friends) and to alarm them in cases of incidents.This feature becomes possible when the users allow sharing of location and security information among them. 

Now we think and feel of our love towards our family members, most especially. Their safety and security matters most to us, does it not?

Automated Information

Emergensor envisions time efficiency where the quality of the information is not manual, nor slow… but rather FAST and IMMEDIATE, especially in times of conflicts and wars where many lives are at risk.
The application transmits notifications in no time;
(1) while we detect incident through collective behaviours as it can automatically notify the police near the area for them to respond faster; thus solving the incident faster as well,
(2) it can simultaneously notify the people near the area to avoid conflict; thus, saving themselves from becoming victims.
Time is essential for us, even just one second could save a life.

Security Map

The security information is structured by analysing the automatically collected data from accelerometers (microphones, hardware buttons) and GPS in users’ smartphones/tablets, and is immediately notified to the users around the incident-happening area.
Using the collective abnormal behaviours, Emergensor automatically detects potentially dangerous areas shown in the security map, allowing the application users to clearly see the best way where to escape and which directions to go to possibly avoid the incident.

Easy to use

To get the full benefit of the Emergensor application, follow these EASY steps:

 (1) Install the application in our smartphones
 (2) Check the terms and conditions provided upon the installation of the app
 (3) Allow the application to run on the background to monitor the behaviour and to allow access on the location
 (4) Follow your family members/ loved ones

Executive Board

  • Chief Executive Officer:
    Shohei YOSHIZAWA

  • Chief Application Engineer:
    Koichi HASEGAWA

  • Public Relations Director:
    Mary Lucel SUMATRA

  • Technical Adviser:
    Daichi KODA

  • Chief Server Engineer:
    Ajinkya MULAY

  • Media Director:
    Jaaziel Rei Sumatra

  • WE are researchers who are studying about conflict, people’s behavior, communication or smartphone sensors, and we hope our expertise can be properly used to solve current critical social issues.

Awards and Organizations

April, 2018 Winner and World Finalist, Imagine Cup 2018 - National Final, Japan

January, 2018 (1st) FIRST PRIZE, The Third Business Plan Competition, Program for Leading Graduate Schools, Japan

July, 2017 Officially Funded by the Summer Founders Program, Hongo Tech Garage, the University of Tokyo